The Longmont Area Chamber of Commerce board of directors voted this week to oppose Amendment 69. The proposal would create a new statewide healthcare system called ColoradoCare.

This amendment will be on one of many items to consider on the statewide ballot in November.

“Our Public Policy Committee recently brought in both sides of this debate, and then voted overwhelmingly to oppose this proposal,” Chamber Chair Kyle Snyder said. “With that recommendation, we polled our board members, and they, too overwhelmingly oppose Amendment 69.”

Amendment 69 is estimated to raise $25 billion in new taxes to fund a new massive government-run health care system. “That’s the same as the existing entire state budget,” Snyder said.

All Coloradans would pay into this system through payroll and non-payroll income taxes. “We’re particularly concerned that not only existing businesses, but working families, entrepreneurs and seniors will be hit hard by this new tax burden,” he said.

“It would also be a mistake to impose a unique plan in Colorado that would likely raise concerns by companies that have options to locate or relocate into other states,” he said. “We all want new solutions to providing quality healthcare. But this proposal has too many risks to be implemented.”



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