Non-profit fundraising through ticket sales, for 2016 Rotary Club of Longmont St Vrain’s annual Duck Race

The Duck Race will be held at the Rhythm on the River event, on Saturday evening, July 9th from 5 - 10 pm at Roger’s Orchard. The race will be held in the creek near Hover St, at about 6:30 pm.

If you are a local non-profit organization (NPO) or charity, you can raise money by selling tickets to the Duck Race.  Your organization keeps $4 per ticket for each $5 ticket you sell.

Any organization (not an individual) that is local to the Longmont area and uses its funds to assist local community activities can participate.

You pay for the tickets when you pick them up. You pick up a packet of 25 tickets and you pay $25.  Cash or check made out to "St. Vrain Rotary"

You can pick up tickets from May 2 until July 1, from Duck HQ located at:

High Plains Bank

600 Kimbark St

Longmont, CO 80501

Mon-Fri 8:30a-5:00p


All Ticket stubs must be returned to Duck HQ (see above), no later than noon on Tues July 5.  If you don't return the stubs, the people who bought tickets from you won't be able to win.

You do not need to return any money with your stubs, because your organization pre-paid $25 for the packet ($1 per ticket). When you sell the ticket for $5, you keep the proceeds, netting your organization $4 per ticket.

There are no refunds for unsold tickets.  NPO's may put their information on any unsold ticket and they are eligible to win any non-cash prizes or more information: Email the St. Vrain Rotary Club’s NP coordinator , Robert at or call Lonnie at 720-280-7228

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