Since 2001, Sunflower Bank has been raising money for local schools and students annually through its ABC program for the past 15 years. Total donations since the program began are over $934,000. Last year the program included almost 300 schools across Colorado, Kansas, and Missouri and raised $113,945.

Mollie Carter, President and CEO of Sunflower Bank said, “Creating possibility in our communities is the heart of our bank and nothing holds more possibility than education for our young people who will one day lead our communities for the next generation. The ABC program reflects our culture and our commitment.”

Beginning January 1 through March 31, 2016, money will be raised for the benefit of education through the following:

· $50 to a registered school for every Spend & Sign & Save checking account that is opened and another $50 to the new account owner;

· 5¢ for each debit card swipe when the ‘credit’ button is used and the card is registered to a participating school;

· $10 for every ‘A’ on a student’s report card if their card is one of five cards drawn at every local branch, plus a matching donation for their school.

Visit your local Sunflower Bank branch or to learn more about the ABC Program and to register your Sunflower Bank debit card to a specific participating school in support of education.

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