LogoLounge 9, a go-to book for logo designers, will feature one of the logos designed by BAS1S for the National Right to Read Foundation for a collaborative re-branding effort that included logo, collateral, and website design. Other partners also participated in the project.

The 2,000 logos in LogoLounge 9 were chosen from a pool of roughly 25,000 by an international panel of jurors, each of whom has earned his/her own respective design badges of honor.

BAS1S is a design firm with offices in Estes Park and downtown Longmont. Their design services include architecture, branding, and print and digital design. The firm specializes in providing all-encompassing design services to businesses looking to fuse their branding with their architecture and space. Amy Lane, Branding Principal of the firm, said, “While our niche is combining architecture and branding, we do also have a soft spot for working with non-profits and worthy causes. This project was an example of our non-profit work, and a chance to work with the National Right to Read Foundation. It was an honor to work with such great people and for an organization dedicated to improving literacy in the United States.” says Lane.

Since BAS1S’s Longmont office opened in February of 2015, they are building clientele along the Front Range, working with local breweries and distilleries as well as their existing local and national clients.

For more information, contact Amy at BAS1S at amy@bas1s.com or call 970.231.9921.  You can visit their website at www.bas1s.com.

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