The Voice of Business

The Voice of Business

My apologies all. I have had a few technical difficulties in getting this stuff posted and distributed through its proper channels. I will post my past Voice articles and then get on the stick with my promise to show business happening in Longmont. I will be all caught up soon.



Thank you all who have contributed to the success of the Chamber in 2015. What a tremendous year it was. Not only longmontdid we host over 200 events again this year, but we hired a new CEO in Bruce Partain, conducted the City Council debates and added to our legacy by creating Peak|2015. With that behind us we are moving into the New Year with plans for even more great things.

At the Chamber, we are pro-business. We work on behalf of our members. We encourage practices, policies and ideas that help business grow and expand. To that end, I have been encouraging readers here, our own Board members and anyone who I speak with to give me their ideas of how we can help business in town. I’ve gotten nothing but constructive ideas from people who care. Ideas range from small changes to big projects. Below is a short list of ideas. I’m happy to add yours to the list if you email them to me at Also, I’d like your help encouraging others or banding together to get a few of them accomplished.

  • Trail signs along the St. Vrain Greenway could point users where to go to grab an ice cream cone, a new pair of running shoes, get their bike fixed, or quench their thirst at a cool brewery.
  • A suggested truck route could increase the enjoyment of so many of our outdoor patios downtown and lessen the noise pollution.
  • Changing the only one-hour parking zone in town (on 4th between Main and Coffman) to a two-hour zone would keep customers downtown for a longer period of time.
  • Helping the City, County and LDDA get the proposed parking garage built on Coffman between 5th and 6th would create more parking for our consumers and downtown employees.

Also, there are a lot of small businesses in town run by the owner. That owner has to close up shop to take vacation. How about a shared manager program where someone of good skill and reputation could run the shop while the owner is gone. A shared bookkeeper business could give these small shops a chance to spend time with their families instead of doing the books at night.

The Circles program through the City focuses on empowering low-income families to move toward self-sufficiency and decrease the need for public benefits. Perhaps we get the word out to companies who need a hand for a day or a week to employ the people in this program.

  • Lastly, here are a couple of small business needs that came directly from people who need these services:
  • Where can a guy get a shirt tailored in town? How about a shoe shine?
  • Where can a tourist rent a mountain bike or a cruiser bike?

We want to utilize our “Voice of Business” to help and encourage business in Longmont. This town is going to go through a number of big changes in the next few years and the more The Chamber can do to help now, the better our business future. Your help and input are appreciated.



Kyle Snyder

2016 Chairman of the Board

Longmont Area Chamber of Commerce

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