Pumps and Cranes, Oh My

Pumps and Cranes, Oh My

Happy Friday afternoon. I hope you have something special planned for your mom this weekend.

Welcome to the Voice of Business blog. This page was created to drop photos, ideas and information of business happening around Longmont. My job takes me all over town and I see business happening all over. This post is titled Pumps and Cranes, Oh My for a reason. First of all, I grew up in the construction business working for my father’s concrete company, so I notice construction projects. What I’ve notice a lot of recently is how many concrete pumps and cranes are around town these days. It’s great to see construction happening on this scale in Longmont. I haven’t see this much activity in years.

Here are a couple of photos of the bridge construction on Main Street. Look at those cranes…big ones.




Here are a a few from the new hospital out at 119 and County Line Road. We have both concrete pumps and cranes in these photos. They are pouring the caissons for the building foundation to sit on.

IMG_3571 IMG_3381








Lastly, here is a pump working at the new mini storage facility by Panera Bread at Kimbark and 119.



I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Kyle Snyder


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