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Description: Adult volunteer mentors are needed For the "I Have a Dream" Foundation of Boulder County to provide Dreamers with long-term, reliable, and supportive relationships, to offer one-on-one guidance and support, and to serve as positive role models. The program is designed to encourage disadvantaged youth to graduate from high school and become self-sufficient. Mentors meet with their Dreamer twice/month to grow and continue the relationship. Requirements: Mentors see their Dreamer at least twice per month for a minimum one-year commitment, communicate with the Dreamer's parents/guardians, attend an introductory training (3 hrs) before volunteering for the first time. Mentors attend two of three site meetings with the program staff during a calendar year. Qualifications: At least 18 years of age, experience working with children or teenagers preferred. Conducting background checks for mentors costs us $50. We ask that mentors contribute $20 towards the background checks to help support the program. If you are unable to pay for your background check, assistance will be provided. Call 303.444.3636 ext 19.

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Mike Haims, Mentor Coordinator, Ext. 19

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