Professional Parking Lot Painter Needed for Wild Plum Center
Since 1965, Wild Plum Center has been a leader in providing early childhood education and developmental services to Longmont's low-income families, offering individualized preschool programming for 3 and 4 year olds in 12 classrooms located throughout Longmont. In 2010, we began offering developmental services for children zero to 3, as well as pregnant women. NEEDED: PROFESSIONAL PARKING LOT PAINTER We need the parking space lines, handicap space indications, bus parking, no parking, etc., painting redone on our Powell Building parking lot. We have been needing to get this done for at least a year now, but do not have the extra funds in our tight budget to hire a service to complete this work. Also, as an added problem, we have sought bids from local businesses as well as national companies, but our project is so small, they are generally not interested in the work. We are hoping to find an expert volunteer (who also has the equipment) to do the work and Wild Plum could supply the materials (OR it would also be amazing if the volunteer wished to donate the supplies as well!). This is a safety issue because parents aren't sure where to park, where the "no parking" zone are, and where the busses will be pulling up to the building. Every effort, whether large or small, contributes significantly to the overall mission of WIld Plum Center.

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