2016-07-22 by Bruce Partain
Longmont United Hospital launching Longmont Loves Local


Longmont United Hospital is launching a campaign to celebrate and highlight the local community.

Branded “Longmont Loves Local,” the campaign showcases local businesses, people, non-profits and places, and invites others to do so as well.

“Longmont is rich with history, and the campaign encourages residents and businesses to tell their stories, strengthening the foundation and unity of Longmont,” said Frances Carr, hospital spokesperson.

“Longmont is one of the fastest growing communities in Colorado,” she said. “With such growth, it is important to remain anchored to our roots and all the local businesses that make Longmont truly unique.”

Carr said Longmont Loves Local’s goals are to:

· Encourage residents, including Longmont United Hospital's 2,000 employees and volunteers, to buy from local businesses. When people buy locally, more money stays in the local economy and is given to local non-profits

· Strengthen and build community among residents by celebrating and supporting local businesses

· Celebrate Longmont’s unique personality – a local flavor that is anchored in its agricultural heritage, vibrant downtown and local businesses

Longmont United Hospital is looking for local partners to become ambassadors for the Longmont Loves Local campaign.

The hospital is encouraging local businesses and residents to share the message through stickers, window clings and social media.

“Together we can create a healthier economy and community,” Carr said. “We invite you to take part in the Longmont Loves Local campaign to support a healthy future for Longmont.”

For more information on the campaign www.luhcares.org and click the “Longmont Loves Local” button.



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