2015-12-15 by Kathy Stevens
Education Foundation for the St. Vrain Valley News

The Education Foundation for the St. Vrain Valley celebrated 30 years of support for the students and staff of St. Vrain Valley Schools on Monday, October 26th at the Longmont Museum.

The evening’s program, “Climbing to the Top”, began with recognition of the Foundation’s 99 year-old founder, Ms. Eleanor Flanders.  In 1985, after completing her term as a member of the School Board, she and then Superintendent Keith Blue, decided that a private foundation needed to be started to fund teachers’ ideas for innovative learning projects.  Eleanor led the Foundation for 19 years and due to her vision, hard work and commitment, the Education Foundation continues to champion student success and teacher excellence in the St. Vrain Valley School District.

Superintendent of Schools, Don Haddad, Ed.D. discussed the status of the school district and the relationship between education and community. Public education is an integral part of the foundation upon which students build their lives. He noted that thriving communities are linked hand in hand with strong public schools and encouraged all in attendance to be outspoken advocates for public education and St. Vrain Valley schools.


The directors of the Education Foundation for the St. Vrain Valley are very pleased to announce that on October 27th,  78  classroom grants totaling  $48,573 were awarded to individual teachers and educational programs throughout the St. Vrain Valley school district.     The grants support a vast array of innovative academic projects.  45 elementary, 32 middle and high school, and 1 district-wide program were awarded grants.

President Eva Gaudio expressed her excitement about the Foundation’s ability to “support teachers across the entire district who are effectively engaging their students through innovative programs focused on increasing academic performance. I am also very pleased that Elevations Credit Union was able to support financial literacy education at 7 district schools by providing funding for more than 700 students to participate in field trips to Young Ameritowne and Junior Achievement Financial Park.”

The Education Foundation extends a special word of thanks to all of the individuals, organizations and businesses in the community that make these grants possible by supporting the work of the Foundation with monetary contributions.

A complete listing of the 2015 Classroom Grants funded can be accessed on the Education Foundation’s website, http://www.efsvv.org/programs/grants-for-teachers/grant-recipients.



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